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DVD front coverFebruary, 2009 - Wilderness Plots: Songs and Stories from the Prairie, an Emmy Award nominated, hour-long documentary that first aired on WTIU in 2008 and was picked up by APT, for distribution to more than 40 networks. Wilderness Plots: Songs and Stories from the Prairie features five noted singer-songwriters (Krista Detor, Tim Grimm, Carrie Newcomer, Tom Roznowski, and Michael White) who wrote songs based on short stories penned by Scott Russell Sanders. In addition to featuring some incredible videography and captivating performances, the project examines the process of writing, creative collaboration, and the historical roots of our culture. Here's a link to a clip from the program featuring Carrie Newcomer's performance, "One Woman and a Shovel".


December 2007 - Tabletop produced an EPK video for Carrie Newcomer talking about her album, The Geography of Light.

Videographer for 1:47, a documentary exploring a massive explosion that shook Richmond, Indiana in 1968. The double explosion and fire claimed 41 lives, injured hundreds more, and forever changed the future of the town.

DVD front coverWriter, producer, videographer and editor of the 45 minute documentary, produced for WTIU,

Description: In southern Indiana, just south of Bloomington and nestled between the rolling, forested hills lies the state's largest inland lake. Lake Monroe contains more than ten thousand acres of water and provides recreation for boaters, hikers, swimmers and campers. The city of Bloomington and surrounding communities rely on it for a water supply. But underneath the jet skis and fishing boats lie the remains of a town that was washed away by progress. Elkinsville- Washed Away by Progress is about that lost town. This once peaceful farming community in Brown County was displaced by the construction of Lake Monroe in the 1960s.

Through an extensive collection of photos and interviews with former residents, the town of Elkinsville has been brought back to life. The program shows where these residents lived and worked, and provides a glimpse of Indiana history seen through the eyes of people who can never go home again.

Michael White, "It's a Wonderful Life". A wonderful song based on a wonderful movie. Written by Michael White, with additional vocals by Krista Detor and Dave Weber. The video features footage from the classic Frank Capra movie, and video of Michael, Krista & Dave!

Wilderness Plots Overture. [YouTube link] This 4-minute animated visual and photo montage opens the production of Wilderness Plots, a touring musical and theatrical production based on the stories of Scott Russell Sanders. Krista Detor performed the music. The video incorporates photos of Frank M. Hohenberger, courtesy of IU's Lilly Library.

Expressions, artist profile on Tamar Kander. This feature was produced for insertion into WTIU's news and informational show, The Weekly Special. The 4-minute piece explores the abstract painter's work and the methods and process involved in creating stunning mixed media paintings.

Expressions, artist profile on Krista Detor - WTIU turned to Tabletop to produce a feature story on singer/songwriter, Krista Detor for The Weekly Special. This 5-minute piece focuses on Krista's latest CD entitled Mudshow and her recent signing to European label, Corazong.

Larry's Scholars, a tribute to Larry Glaubinger. [Quicktime clip 6.5 MB] Tabletop Productions worked with Finelight advertising agency and the IU Foundation to produce this tribute to benefactor, Larry Glaubinger. This series of interviews demonstrates some of our most frequently requested lighting setups.

The Friday Zone: Season of the Cicada. [Quicktime clip - 8.8 MB] WTIU hired Tabletop to write and produce a special episode of their Emmy Award winning kids show all about cicadas. The program explored periodical cicadas, in particular Brood X, which was the largest outbreak in recorded history. Highlights included a segment with acclaimed cicada expert, Keith Clay, and up close and personal look at them through Wonderlab's amazing cicada cam, and a tasting session with two Indiana University biology students who find them simply cicadalicious.

American Horizons: The Photography of Art Sinsabaugh. This retrospective of photographer, Art Sinsabaugh was written and directed by Susanne Schwibs. Tabletop's Jim Krause was hired to shoot interviews and footage in Chicago. Highlights of the shoot include getting a chance to tape inside the Art Institute and at least 5 drive-bys of a hot dog stand frequented by Mr Sinsabaugh. The video is part of a traveling exhibit highlighting the panoramic photographer's work and is currently touring select museums in North America. A longer form version of the program is being produced for PBS.

Elkinsville- Washed Away by Progress. [Quicktime clip - 9 MB] This 45 minute documentary aired on WTIU as part of the PBS affiliate's 2003 fund drive. Elkinsville, a once peaceful farming community in Brown County was displaced by the construction of Lake Monroe in the 1960s. The program explores the former town and its residents, and provides a glimpse of Indiana history seen through the eyes of people who can never go home again. More information can be found here.

Passion & Persistence. Produced for NES, this project was a French version of an informational and inspirational video targeted to educational institutions.

Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) PSAs - Tabletop produced two public service announcements for the local CASA chapter.

Going back even further.....

For several years, Tabletop produced segments for the FOX TV' show, America's Most Wanted. Jim Krause has served as camera operator, producer and production manager for the popular program which is as much fun to produce as it is to watch. Help lock up the bad guys and watch America's Most Wanted, Saturdays on FOX TV.

America's Most Wanted

These projects were a partnership with David Shaw of Shaw Communications. We used two cameras for the interview portions, increasing our editing options and also expediting B-roll acquisition. We enlisted the talents of Terry Black from Spellbound Productions.

Cook Employee Orientation
Cook Recruitment Video

[Quicktime clip - 5.2 MB] This video, produced for IU Bloomington Physical Plant was another joint venture with David Shaw of Shaw Communications. The 11-minute employee orientation program was scripted by Bob Risher and shot and edited in one month.

IUPP Employee Orientation

denis.jpg (18202 bytes) deniscu.jpg (17762 bytes) [Quicktime clip - 4.3 MB] Classical guitarist, Deniz Azabagic turned to Tabletop Productions to produce this 50 minute video featuring his award-winning guitar work. The video is available through MelBay Publishing. (

MelBay Presents Denis Azabagic

2 shot.jpg (16260 bytes) sax.jpg (14118 bytes) Tabletop’s Jim Krause, directed this live multi-camera event for jazz promotions company, Catalyst Productions. The concert, which kicked off the opening celebration for the newly renovated Indiana Theatre, featured jazz greats Simon Rowe, Willie Akins, Jeanne Trevor and Janiece Jaffe.

An Evening of Jazz.

happy.jpg (18520 bytes) childcareg.jpg (14383 bytes) Produced for the City of Bloomington, this video demonstrates how family-friendly policies are having a positive impact on area businesses. Tabletop produced and wrote the script, for the City of Bloomington’s Family Resource and Development Department.

The Corporate Child Care Initiative


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