How to create video graphics with clean and transparent drop shadow alpha channels in Photoshop

Have you ever tried to create a keyed title or lower third in Photoshop and after importing it into your editing program found an ugly white halo? Here’s one way to make nice & cleanly keyable video graphics with alpha channels in Photoshop.

Part A) First create your graphic.

PART B) Next you need to make a selection from your drop shadow layer and your artwork and turn it into an alpha channel.

Making truly transparent drop shadows requires a slightly different tact. To do this start out by doing PART A, then do PART C.

PART C) In this step you will turn your selections into two alpha channels. Your drop-shadowed alpha will be transparent while your artwork alpha will be opaque. These are then combined into a single alpha channel for output as a PICT or TIF.



clean alpha channels